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Enjoy walking in the beach
Enjoy walking in the beach
Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland
Enjoy the spa as long as you like
Enjoy the spa as long as you like
Experience Yyteri every day of the year
Experience Yyteri every day of the year
Get a good workout at the gym
Get a good workout at the gym


The Yyteri Spa offers a great number of activities. You can work on your physical condition in the fitness centre and by biking and jogging in the beautiful landscape of Yyteri. During summer you can play beach volleyball in the soft sand and in wintertime you can go skiing (see a map of the ski trails in the lower edge of the page) in the dunes. The area also contains an (also mini-)golf course, an international surf centre, tennis courts and a riding school.

In the lounge of the hotel you can play several games and snooker and go into the internet for free. The family’s smallest ones will find their own play room there, complete with a ball pit. The lounge also offers magazines and books for reading.

Rent a bike

You can also rent a bicycle from the reception:

5 € / 2 h / bicycle
1 € / extra hour
10 € / whole day / bicycle

Included in the price are bicycle and a helmet.

You can also rent a bicycle with child seat:

7 € / 2 h / bicycle
1,50 € / extra hour
12 € / whole day / bicycle

Incl. in the price are bicycle with the child seat and helmets.

Nature trail and bird-watching towers

In Yyteri you will find amazing 28 kilometers long nature trail with lots of different sceneries. Yyteri's Preiviikki bay is also internationally valuable and well-known of its nature habitats and birds. You can get to know the nature and bird waters of Poris' coast from a number of bird-watching towers. Here you will find a map of the nature trail and bird-watching towers.

More information:

Feel good in Yyteri (in Finnish)

Spa Shop & Eco Shop

The Spa Shop & Eco Shop is located on the first floor, next to reception. You will find a wide variety of products from water toys and soaps to small sweets.
The Eco Shop carries products that are human and environmentally friendly, high quality and mainly produced domestically. You can find the following brands from the Eco Shop: ClayWay/Iso-Pahkala, Evolum, Wooden Toys, Vihreä Kosmetiikka, Tikau, U6, Lapuan Kankurit and Emani Minerals.

See the weather in Yyteri!

Merenneito Spa

The time you spend in Merenneito Spa will offer you the best of relaxing. The warm pools, massaging bubble baths and sauna will refresh your mind as well as your body.


Our flexible organisation guarantees that your conference will be a success, is it for 10 or for 300 people.

Feel Good Centre

Choose from over 50 treatments for preserving your physical health and beauty as well as for relaxing!

Yyteri Villas

The easiest way to own a vacation apartment. In the apartment you have everything ready. Com and enjoy your holiday all the way!